About Us

In 1998 when the Internet was at its very early stage, a small group of trading company owners in Taiwan realized that the Internet was going to be a very powerful tool to promote international commerce worldwide, as a result TradeMama (TMM - Trademama.com) was established for the purpose of promoting sourcing services in Taiwan, China and worldwide.

Soon after the website was launched TMM was overwhelmed with hundreds of inquires daily from manufacturers and wholesalers from all over the world requesting inclusion into our database. Due to the tremendous amount of inquires, the founders decided to compile Taiwan importers and exporters in a searchable database for buyers worldwide.

With the support of Taipei County & Taichung City Import & Export Associations, TMM became one of the most visible International Trading portals on the Internet. TMM began to provide search engine friendly website designs and training members from the Associations on how to promote products through the Internet

Soon after the success in helping the members in the 2 associations, TMM was requested by the Chinese National Federation of Industries (CNFI) to assist on setting up their member information into Internet searchable database, and helping with their members to set up websites.

CNFI is a nonprofit organization consisting of 155 member associations in their respective fields of manufacturing industry in Taiwan. With each member association representing its specific line of manufacturing, such as apparel, office supplies, sporting goods, apparel, footwer, electronics, and automotive. All the member associations together stand for more than 20,000 industrial companies.

Currently our database has over 300,000 unique URLs from companies around the world.

In this photo, the founder, Mr. Bowen (in the middle) and co-founder, Ms. Tsai (2nd left), are being awarded a check worth NT$600,000 for their efforts in promoting international online business opportunities, via Trademama.com, for Taiwan manufacturers, exporters and trading companies.

After participating in a national entrepreneurial competition sponsored by the Taiwan government, and involving more that 350 companies, Trademama.com was recognized with a 3rd place award for their innovative and creative method of establishing an international trade directory which benifits both the supplier in expanding their global exposure, and the buyer in locating suitable suppliers and products.

The former Taiwan Vice Prime Minister of Administrative Department, Chen, Lideh (1st left), the Prime Minister of Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance Department, Mr. Shueh, Chi (1st right), and the General Manager of Global Investment Holdings, Mr. Chang, Liyen (2nd right)

Mission Statement:

Trademama.com has remained a free open trade portal from the beginning, and accepts URL submission from companies engaged in trade and commerce worldwide, however TMM does not allow submission of website with the following contents:

  • Pornography or adult content 
  • Violent content
  • Illegal drug promotion content
  • Hacking/cracking services
  • Anti human right services
  • Content of copycat products
  • Gambling or casino related content
  • Sales of prescription drugs
  • Weapon trading content
  • Promotion of immoral services
  • Trading of other illegal products
  • Promotion of other illegal services

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