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Kingtronics International Company high voltage ceramic capacitors suppliers

High voltage ceramic capacitors up to 3,000v since 1992.more than 12 years history of engagement in electronics field with iso9002 approval since 1996, kingtronics provide stable and reliable quality, sincere and complete service. and will keep impr ...



Murata Manufacturing Company high voltage ceramic capacitors suppliers

Manufacturer of Monolithic Ceramic Capacitors, Ceramic Filters, Ceramic Resonators, Surface Acoustic Wave Filters, Multilayer Ceramic Devices, Dielectric Filters, Isolators, Circuit Modules, Power Supplies, Emi Suppression Filters, Sensors, Coils, Thermistors, Trimmer Potentiometers, Resistor Networks, High Voltage Resistors and Other ...



Voltage Multipliers high voltage ceramic capacitors suppliers

Vmi's Vips-40 Digitally Controlled, High Voltage Xrf Power supply and Optocouplers. Voltage Multipliers, Inc. was Founded in November 1980. Vmi Specializes in High Voltage Products Including: Multipliers, Discrete Diodes, Power Supplies, Rectifier Assemblies, Optodiodes, and Optocouplers. Applications Include Mass Spectrometers, Xrf (Hand Held), Electrostatic Paint Spraying, Military, Medical, and Industrial. Vmi is Dscc Qpl and Iso9001:2008 Certified. Our Sister Company, Calramic, located in Reno ...

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