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Ningbo Huare Machinery Manufacturing plastics mixers suppliers

Plastics Dryers, Vacuum Auto Filling Devices, Color Mixers, Industrial Chillers, Automatic Mold Temperature Controllers, Plastics Grinding & Instant Reclaiming Devices, Combination of Dryer and Filling Device, Fittings of Supplementary Device ...

Ningbo  Zhejiang  China  

Ningbo Zhejiang China

Transxl International plastics mixers suppliers

Machinery, plastics processing equipment, thermoformin, extrusion, mixers, packaging, sheet lines, tape, fibre, cable, film, moulders, heating, cooling, factories, plastic, plastics, product, supplies, suppliers, wholesalers, wholesale, products ...

Swindon  Wiltshire  United Kingdom  

Swindon Wiltshire United Kingdom

Jbt Engineering And Technical Services plastics mixers suppliers

Mixers, Presses, calendars, mills, bliss, presse hydraulique, presse m?canique, presse sp?ciale, r?novation, r?trofit, modernisation, normes carrosserie, emboutissage, redressage, calibrage, d?coupage, mise au point, transfert, plastic, plastics, product, supplies, suppliers, wholesalers, wholesale ...

    United Kingdom  

  United Kingdom