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Shanxi Jiaocheng County Xinxing Pipe Fittings socket mechanical suppliers

Construction, Hot Water Systems, Mixed Hardware, Wrought Iron, We are an OEM of ductile iron pipe fittings. All types of DI pipe fittings produced by us according to ISO2531, EN545 and Awwa C110, include flanged pipe fittings, socket pipe fittings, loosing flanged pipe fittings, EX socket pipe fittings, fittings for PVC pipes, flanged adaptors and couplings, as well as casting fittings for plastic injection machine, mechanical castings, shell ...

  Shanxi  China  

 Shanxi China

Paramount Industries socket mechanical suppliers

Relay With Magnetic Blow Out, S1ld Socket for P1 Relay, Industrial Relay, P14 Latching Relay, P3 Latching Relay, Automotive Electromechanical Relays, S2-P Series Plug In Relay, Electromechanical Relay(1 Co), Solid State Relay, Electrical Relays, Electro Mechanical Relay, P2 Series Plug In Relay, P1 Series Plug In Relay, Electrical Goods, Equipment & Supplies, Lens (15x), Lens (21), Lens (15), Lens (15x), Alarm, Alarm Unit, Hooter, Electronic Buzzer, LED Products, LED (Single Chip), Bi-Pin ...

Bengaluru  Karnataka  India  

Bengaluru Karnataka India

Ucil Synchem socket mechanical suppliers

Heat Shrinkable Joints, Medium Voltage Straight Joints, Electrical Goods, Equipment & Supplies, Low Voltage Terminations, Cable Jointing Compounds, Aluminium Mechanical Connectors, Gripsil Bus Bar Tubes, Cast Resin Branch Joints, Gripsil Bus Bar Tubes, Mechanical Connectors, Polymeric Insulators, Chemical Supplies, Grip-Sil Cable Jointing Compounds, Cable Terminal, Lugs & Socket, Bimetallic Lugs, Insulation Material, Polymeric Insulators for Outdoor ...

Mumbai  Maharashtra  India  

Mumbai Maharashtra India

Zhejiang Fushi Electric socket mechanical suppliers

Relays, Relay Socket & Relay Base, Mechanical Seal, Surge Protective Device, Meters, Circuit Breaker, Power Supply Series, Electrical Ceramic Insulators, Indicator & Pushbutton, Industrial Plugs & Sockets, Switches ...

  Zhejiang  China  

 Zhejiang China

Liaoyang Jiaxin Carbide socket mechanical suppliers

For Furnace, Raphite Base Plates, Furnace Heating Element, Graphite Boats, Graphite Product, Arbon Fiber Tubes, Carbon-Graphite Products for Mechanical Industry, Carbon-Graphite Products for Sintering Mold of Diamond Tools, High Purity Graphite Boats, Carbon / Carbon Composites (C-C Composite or Carbon-Carbon Composite Material), Graphite Plate, Graphite Shelf, Ggraphite Product, Long Life Sic Graphite Crucible, Graphite Heater, C C Composite Material, Graphite Rotors, Graphite Base Plates, Graphite ...

Liaoyang  Liaoning  China  

Liaoyang Liaoning China