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Keep Healthy Inc. walnut chocolate suppliers

Try Keep Healthy 100% all Natural Snacks that Energize your Mind, Body and Spirit. Keep Healthy Bars are the Perfect Superfood Snack for School, Work, Workout or Anytime that you Want to Enjoy an all Natural Snack. Date Bars are available in 4 Flavors, Apple Walnut, Apricot Coconut, Pecan or Cashew. available in Dark Chocolate Covered or Original. Try our new Fruitkies, Great all Natural Flavors with Nothing more than Pure, Whole Fruit and Dark Chocolate Bars that are Raw, Gluten Free, Non Gmo ...

Northport  New York  United States  

Northport New York United States

Shanghai Huanxuan Food Machinery walnut chocolate suppliers

Chocolate Machine, Mooncake Machine, Egg Roll Making Machine, Semi Automatic, Automatic, Biscuit Machine, Candy Machine, Hard Candy, Soft Candy, Cake Machine, Double, Single, Bread Machine, Cookie Machine, Plc, Normal, Oven, 12 Trays, 16 Trays, 32 Trays, 64 Trays, Walnut Biscuit Machine ...

  Shanghai  China  

 Shanghai China

Alstrom International walnut chocolate suppliers

Mirror Aluminum Composite Panel, Aluminium Partition Panel, Aluminium Composite Panel, Pu Aluminium Composite Panel, Wood Grain Aluminum Composite Panel, Black Silver Aluminium Composite Panels, Polyester Aluminum Composite Panel, Aluminum Composite Panel, Walnut Aluminum Composite Panels, Bright Silver Aluminium Composite Panel, Alstrom Aluminium Composite Panel, Aluminum Composite Panel, Fireproof Aluminum Composite Panel, Chocolate Brown Aluminum Composite Panels, Black Silver Aluminium Composite ...

Ahmedabad  Gujarat  India  

Ahmedabad Gujarat India

Premier Organics walnut chocolate suppliers

Premium Organic Dark Chocolate Bars made from Heirloom Venezuelan Criollo Cacao. We make a 65%, 75%, and 85%. We also make Four Organic Cacao Spreads in 8 Oz Glass Jars, Coconut Cacao, Hazelnut Cacao, Cashew Cacao, and Sunflower Cacao. We also make Raw Organic Nut and Seed Butters Including Almond, Cashew, Pecan, Walnut, Tahini, Coconut Butter and Coconut Oil. These are available in 14 and/or 8 Oz Jars as well as 1 Oz Single Serve Pouches ...

Oakland  California  United States  

Oakland California United States