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Machinery, Drilling Machinery, Chemshine Group is an enterprise group developed from Chemshine Int and five plants, which attains a good reputation in the world market. Chemshine is very expert at core drill rig and wire-line drill parts including drilling rod, diamond core bits. Hydraulic rock drill machines and anchor drill rig, also drill parts-rod and bits ...


Xiamen  Fujian   China  

Xiamen Fujian  China

Cnc Stone Cutting Machine, Stone Cutting Machine, Stone Polishing Machine, Stone Calibration Machine, Stone Profiling Machine, Stone Drilling Machine, Stone Lifting Machine, Stone Chamfering Machine, Cutting Machines, Goods Lift, Industrial Machinery ...


Nanan  Fujian  China  

Nanan Fujian China

Machinery, Cutting Machinery, Drilling Machinery, Grinding, Threaded button bit, Tapered Button Bits, Retrac Bits, Uniface Bits, Drop Center Bits, Chisel Bits, Rotary Drill Bits, Tricon Bits, Drag Bits, PDC Bits, integral Drill Rods, Tapered Drill Rod, Extension Rod, Drifting Rod, Sub Adaptor, Double Casing, Casing Tube, ODEX, Shank adaptors, Coupling sleeve, pneumatic hand held rock drill, rock rig, paving breaker, air pick, shims and wedges, Drilling Rig Tools, Drilling Rigs, Drill Rods, Drill Bits ...


Xiamen  Fujian   China  

Xiamen Fujian  China

Diamond Segments, Diamond Saw Blades, Diamond Wire Saw, Diamond Grinding Tools, Stone Abrasive, Diamond Grinding Wheels, Cup Wheels, CNC Wheels, Diamond Profile Wheels, Diamond Drilling Tools, Vacuum Brazed Diamond Tools, Stone Products, Pdc Cutters, Stone Machinery, Stone Block Cutting Machine, Stone Slab Cutting Machine, Stone Polishing Machine, Wire Saw Machine, Stone Calibrating Machine, Natural Stone, Grinding Wheels, Grinding Parts, Hand Tools ...


Quanzhou  Fujian  China  

Quanzhou Fujian China

Water Well & Mining Drill Rig (Dp Xy 3), Water Well Drill Rig, Mining Machinery, Prospecting Tools, Drilling Equipment, Mining Machinery ...


Fuzhou  Fujian  China  

Fuzhou Fujian China
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