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Brush Fabric of 100% Polyester, Brush Fabric of T, R, Brush Fabric of Cut Velvet, Brush Fabric of Cashmere Like, Wollen Fabric, Overcoat Fabric, T, R Fabric Yarn Dyed Check Fabric, R, T Denim Fabric, Textile Fabrics ...


  Zhejiang  China  

 Zhejiang China

100% Wool Yarn, 100% Rayon Yarn, Mobile Phones, 100% Polyester Yarn, 100% Bamboo Fiber Yarn, Organic Yarn, Organic Fabric, 100% Polyester Fabric, 100% Cotton Yarn, Blended Yarn, 100% Cotton Fabric, 100% Nylon Yarn, 100% Viscose Yarn, 100% Linen Yarn, Fabric, Yarn, Grey Fabrics, Yarns, Synthetic Yarn, Woven Fabrics, Knitted Fabrics, Textile Fabric, Cotton Yarn, Yarns, Fabrics, Cotton Fabrics, Polyester Fabric, Natural Fabric, Polyester Yarn, Woolen Yarn, Synthetic Yarn ...


Mumbai  Maharashtra  India  

Mumbai Maharashtra India

Tc Military Camouflage Uniform Digital Woodland Army Fabric, Desert Storm Military Camouflage Ripstop Fabric, Ripstop Multicam Military Uniform Camouflage Fabric, Camouflage Fabric, Camouflage Uniform, Uniform/Workware Fabric, Polyester/Wool Fabric, 100%Polyester Fabric, Textile Fabrics, Hunting Gear ...


Shaoxing  Zhejiang  China  

Shaoxing Zhejiang China

Coats and Jackets Lining, Buttons, Snap Buttons, Knitted Interlinings, P.V. Jacquard Linings, Jacket Fabrics, Knitted Fabrics, Shoulder Pads 100% Cationic Dobby Lining Fabric, 100% Polyester Cationic Dobby Fabric, 100% Polyester Dobby Lining Fabric, 100% Polyester Two Tone Dobby Satin Lining, Garment Buttons, Knitted Fabric, Snap Buttons, Interlinings ...


Ludhiana  Punjab  India  

Ludhiana Punjab India

Linen, Rayon/Polyester Fabric, Rayon/Cotton Fabric, 100% Cotton Fabric, Modal/Cotton Fabric, Polyester/Cotton Fabric, Feeder Stripe Comouflage Single Jersey, Single Knit Jaquard, Denim Fabric, Cotton/Poly Fleece, Jacquard, Camouflage Yarn Dye Fleece, Left Twill French Terry, 100% Cotton,Pique,Fleece, Linen Cotton Single Jersey, Cotton/Poly Fleece, Cotton/Poly Fleece, Interloop, Left Twill Fleece, Auto Stripe Interloop, Feeder Stripe,Jacquard, Single, Textile Fabrics, Cotton Fabrics, Polyester Fabric, Denim Fabric ...


Wuxi  Jiangsu  China  

Wuxi Jiangsu China

Sofa and Upholstery Fabric Series, Jacquard Chenille Fabrics, Plain Chenille Fabric, Linen Look Fabric, Flock On Fabric, Flock On Flock, Printed Flocking Fabric, Plain/Embossed Flocking, Plain/Embossed/Bronzing Velvet Fabrics, Printed Velvet Fabric, Flocked Velvet Fabric, Burned Out Velvet Fabric, Suede Fabric, Jacquard Fabrics, Tapestry/Gobelin Fabric, Curtain Fabric Series, 100%Polyester Jacquard, T/C Jacquard, Organza Fabrics, Table, Textile Fabrics, Velvet, Natural Fabric ...


Shaoxing  Zhejiang  China  

Shaoxing Zhejiang China

Home Textiles Fabrics Cotton Polyester Fabric Non Woven Natural Interlinings 100 Interlining Jaconet Poplin Tc Coat Lining Pa Pes Resin Dot Polyamides Check Shirt Brushed Fleece Flannel Printed ...


Shijiazhuang  Hebei  China  

Shijiazhuang Hebei China

4 Ways Strech Nylon Lycra Fabric for Swimwear, Super Soft Plush Fabric for Making Soft Toys, 100% Polyester Brushed Fabric for Sportwear and Toy and Upholstery and Home Textile, Knitting Fabric, Swimwear, Fabrics, Lycra Fabric, Lining Fabric, Nylon Cloth ...


Haining  Zhejiang  China  

Haining Zhejiang China

Can source for you the best quality fabric, home textiles products in a range of blends and compositions. Various kinds of fabric made of 100% Cotton, Flannel, Percale, Polyester and Polyester Cotton blends are produced, Home Textiles, Textiles ...


Faisalabad  Punjab  Pakistan  

Faisalabad Punjab Pakistan

Hx05114 100% Polyester Knitted Fabric for Mattress, Hx05113 100% Polyester Knitted Fabric for Mattress, Hx05109 100% Polyester Knitted Fabric for Mattress, Mattress Fabric, Sofa Fabric, Curtain Fabric, Home Textile, Upholstery Fabric, Knitted Fabrics, Bedroom Furniture ...


Hangzhou  Zhejiang  China  

Hangzhou Zhejiang China

Apparel, Sportswear, We use digital sublimation tech for every item we make. the color is vivid and never fade. In addition, 100% polyester fabric is used, so the sportswear are breathable, quick dry, moisture wicking, Textile Fabrics, Polyester Fabric, Sports Apparel ...


Chengdu  Sichuan   China  

Chengdu Sichuan  China

Corduroy, Gauze and Products, Gauze Products, Gauze, 100%Polyester Print Fabric, Tae Kwon Do Fabric, Scarf and Scarf Fabric, Towel, Microfiber Towel, 100%Cotton Towel, Flannel Fabric, Pocketing Fabric, Stock Fabric, Uniform Fabric, Window Screen, Mesh Fabric, Yarn Dyed Fabric, Home Textile, Textile Fabrics, Dyed Fabric, Natural Fabric, Towels ...


  Hebei  China  

 Hebei China

100% Cotton Open End, Carded, Combed, Compact Yarns for Knitting and Weaving, 100% Cotton Dyed, Striped and Printed Knitted Fabrics, Cotton Fabrics With Lycra, Polyester, Polyamide and Viscose, Modal Etc, Knitted Fabric Types Such as Single Jersey, Knitted Fabrics ...


  Kahramanmaras  Turkey  

 Kahramanmaras Turkey

Trade Assurance 180Tc, 200Tc100%Cotton Rotary Pigment Printed Fabric for Embroidery Bed Sheet Set, Quilt Cover Set, Pillow Cases, Trade Assurance Fashion Design Colorfull Flower 3D Print Bedding Se, Trade Assurance 100%Polyester Colorful Cartoon Bed Linen Fabric for Cheap Bed Sheet, King Size Comforter, Textile Fabrics, Natural Fabric, Home Bedding ...


Deyang  Sichuan  China  

Deyang Sichuan China

Qg20140432 100 Polyester Absorbent Fabric Rug, Qg20140434 100 Polyester Absorbent Fabric Rug Customized, Shijiangzhuang Promotional Decorative Flower Shaped Carpet Simple, Sr1220 Short Pile Shaggy Carpet Mat, Big Production Ability Sr1220 Shaggy Silk Carpet Mat, Sr1220 Shaggy Polyester Carpet Mat ...


  Hebei  China  

 Hebei China

Canvas, Etamin 100% Polyester Flame Retardant Class M1 5555 /30S30S, Loneta Printed Fabric 30%Polyester/70%Cotton 66X36/150Dx7S 110, Loneta Printed Fabric 30%Polyester/70%Cotton 66X36/150Dx7S 110, Half Panama Linen/ Cotton Double Warp and Single Filling Fabric, Slubbed Fabric, Loneta Dyed Fabric, Loneta Printed Fabric 30%Polyester/70%Cotton 66X36/150Dx7S 110, Loneta Printed Fabric 30%Polyester/70%Cotton 66X36/150Dx7S 110, Loneta Printed Fabric, Textile Fabrics, Dyed Fabric ...


Xuzhou  Jiangsu  China  

Xuzhou Jiangsu China
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