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Foodservice Packaging; Fresh Food Packaging Materials – Produce; Sustainable Packaging; Serving and Preserving Freshness is What we do Best”; with 50 Years of Experience, we are one of the Leading European Producers of High Quality Thermoformed Rigid Plastic Food Packaging; our Consistent Strive for the best in Terms of Quality, Innovation, Service and Sustainable Answers are the Main Drivers for all our Business Activities, Fresh Foods, Food Packaging ...


  Valsamoggia   Italy  

 Valsamoggia  Italy

Distform Produces Equipment for Professional Kitchens Since 1991. We Present our new Range of Combi Ovens Mychef, the most Compact on the Market. With its Longitudinal Model (Only 52 Cms Wide) and the new Transversal Version, which can be Placed in Narrow Kitchens (Only 600 Mm Depth), Mychef can be Installed Everywhere. Mychef: the most Versatile Oven Solution for Professional Kitchens; Likewise, Distform, Presents the Ultimate Technology in Professional Vacuum Packers: Tekvac, with Multi Cycle ...


  Torrefarrera  Spain  

 Torrefarrera Spain

Frozen; Foodservice; Organic & Natural; Cheese; Food Services; Lifestyle; Lactose Free; Private Label; Gluten Free; Frozen; Dairy & Eggs ...


  Libercourt  France  

 Libercourt France

Frozen Baked Goods; Frozen Desserts; Foodservice; Private Label; Lifestyle; Kosher; Gluten Free; Organic & Natural; Full Selection of Crepes, Galettes, Blinis and Pancakes, Fancy Foods, Food Industry ...


  Locoal Mendon  France  

 Locoal Mendon France

Confectionery; Frozen Desserts; Food Services; Co-Packing; Foodservice; Private Label ...


  Skanderborg  Denmark  

 Skanderborg Denmark

Snacks; Snacks; Full Line; Lifestyle; Gluten Free; Snacks; Foodservice; Gluten Free; Food Services; Vegetarian; Chips; Baked Goods ...


Duxford  Cambridgeshire  UK  

Duxford Cambridgeshire UK

Royal VIV Buisman produces a wide range of Dutch milk fat and butter products in many formats. We offer butter in various consumer and foodservice packings, such as foil wrapped packaging, rolls, tubs and tins, in various sizes. We are the producers of Pure Butter Ghee under the well known brands, Cow Brand, Gold Medal and Green Meadow ...




Salerno, Mercato San Severino, Campania, Italy, Gusto Italiano, Italian Food, Italian Cooking, Mediterranean Diet, Dieta Mediterranea, Italian Tomatoes, Tomatoes, Peeled Tomatoes, Pelati, San Marzano, Chopped Tomatoes, Cherry Tomatoes, Passata, Beans, Borlotti, Cannellini, Butter Beans, Lentils, Chick Peas, Pasta, Olive Oil, Foodservice, Horeca, Catering, Pomodorini, Datterini, Baby Plum Tomatoes ...


  Mercato San Severino   Italy  

 Mercato San Severino  Italy

Dehydrated; Sachets & Dips; Big Bottles; Jerricans; Buckets; Pet Bottles; Hot & Spicy Tabasco Sauce; Glass Jars; Artefresh; Chovi Foodservice; Chovi Cheff; Chovi ...


  Valencia  Spain  

 Valencia Spain

Vegetables & Fruit; Olives; Vegetables & Fruit; Frozen; Ready Meals & Pizza & Soup; Foodservice; Private Label; Lifestyle; Vegetarian; Gluten-Free; Nut-Free ...


  Halkidiki  Greece  

 Halkidiki Greece

Dairy and Eggs; Butter; Cheese; Milk; Yogurt; Food Services; Co Packing; Foodservice; Private Label, Grocery Foods, Food Industry ...


Amersfoort  Utrecht  Netherlands  

Amersfoort Utrecht Netherlands

Familiebedrijf Farm Frites is Producent Van Aardappelproducten En Bedient Vanuit Diverse Locaties Wereldwijd Haar Foodservice En Out of Home Klanten. Vind Hier Alle Informatie Over De Organisatie, De Producten En De Mogelijkheden Tot Samenwerking, Grocery Foods, Food Industry ...




Adm Antwerp is a Packer of Vegetable Oils in Several Type of Packing which can be Used in Consumer, Foodservice and the Industry; from Single Oil to Specific Blends, we can Assist you in Making it a Succes, Grocery Foods, Food Industry ...




Foodservice; Organic & Natural; Private Label; Pasta & Dry; Grain, Cereal & Pasta; Full Line; Gift Packs; Grain, Cereal & Pasta; Food Services; Lifestyle; Grain, Cereal & Pasta, Fancy Foods, Food Industry ...


  Tuscany  Italy  

 Tuscany Italy

Foodservice Range: Pasta; Linea Rossa: Tomatoes and Sauces; Gluten Free Pasta; Wholewheat Pasta; Il Valore Della Tradizione: Pasta Essiccata Lentamente; Durum Wheat Semolina Pasta ...




Foodservice; Gluten Free; Meat & Game & Pâté; Food Services; Vegetarian; Halal; Lifestyle; Frozen; Meat & Game & Pâté; Frozen ...


  Saint Lo  France  

 Saint Lo France
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