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Gemstones (Loose) Beads; Gemstones (Loose) Colored Gemstones, Loose; Pearls Pearls, Loose; Wholseller in Rubies and Shapphire, Jewelry Industry, Jewelry Material ...


  Bangkok   Thailand  

 Bangkok  Thailand

gemstones Jewellery, Aquamarine, Pair of Aquamarine, Morganite, Fire Opal, Peridot, Sapphire, Tanzanite, Imperial Topaz, Rubellite/Red Tourmaline, Pair of Green Tourmaline, Jewelry Material ...




Gemstones (Loose) Colored Gemstones, Loose; Gemstones (Loose) Colored Gemstones, Simulated & Synthetic, Jewelry Industry, Jewelry Material ...


Jaipur  Rajasthan   India  

Jaipur Rajasthan  India

Gemstones (Loose) Beads; Jewelry Bracelets; Jewelry Fashion Jewelry; Jewelry Necklaces; Jewelry Pearl Jewelry; Pearls Pearls, Loose; Pearls Pearls, Strands; Pearl Section; Perfectpearl.Hk; Contact: [email protected]; Gemstones Section; Goodluckjew.Com; Contact: [email protected]; Finestonesinc.Com; Contact: Info@Finestonesinc Necklace Accessories, Jewelry Material ...


Brooklyn  New York  USA  

Brooklyn New York USA

Colored Gemstones, Jewelry, Designer Jewelry, Diamond Jewelry, Gold Jewelry, Sterling Silver Jewelry, Jewelry Industry, Fine Jewelry, Jewelry Material ...


Dallas  Texas  USA  

Dallas Texas USA

Loose Gemstones; Beads; Jewelry: Amber; Earrings & Earclips; Necklaces; Pearl; Pendants; Sea Life Jewelry; Sterling Silver; Jewelry Art Inspired by Nature. Unique Handcrafted Adornments that Reveal the Inherent Beauty of Natural Gemstones and Let them Shine in a Different Context and Light. Blue Sumatra Amber, Meteorites, Drusy, Moldavites, American Turquoise, Opals and much More, Jewelry Industry, Necklaces, Fine Jewelry, Jewelry Material ...


Sedona  Arizona  USA  

Sedona Arizona USA

Loose Gemstones; Colored Gemstones, Loose; Jewelry: Colored Gemstone; Mexican Opals and Fire Agates Directly from Mexican Mines to our Customers; Great Assorted and Quality for the Lowest Prices in Market, Jewelry Industry, Jewelry Material ...


  Jalisco  Mexico  

 Jalisco Mexico

Luxe gemstones and leather, a carefully curated palette, handmade metal elements and the softest deerskin leather. Handmade in California, Jewelry Material ...


Calistoga  California  USA  

Calistoga California USA

Unique gemstones mined and beautifully cut in the United States and worldwide by visionary lapidary artists at competitive prices, Jewelry Accessory, Jewelry Material ...


Franklin Square  New York  USA  

Franklin Square New York USA

Jewelry, Gold, Gemstones, Rough Gems, Art Jewelry, Fine Craft, Couture Jewelry, Modern Jewelry, Modern Craft, Contemporary Jewelry, Contemporary Craft, Colored Gemstones, Earrings, Necklaces, Brooches, Pendants, Rings, Bracelets, Design, Jewelry Design, One Of A Kind Jewelry, San Francisco Jewelery; Petra Class Jewelry is the Site for the One Of A Kind Creations of Petra Class, a Classically Trained Jeweler Who Lives and Works In San Francisco; Petra Class Jewelry Home, Jewelry Industry, Necklaces, Jewelry Material ...


San Francisco  California  USA  

San Francisco California USA

Chains, Colored Gemstones, Jewelry, Designer Jewelry, Diamond Jewelry, Sterling Silver Jewelry, Jewelry Industry, Jewelry Material ...


Los Angeles  California  USA  

Los Angeles California USA

Colored Gemstone, Colored Gemstones Loose, Designer Jewelry, Earrings Earclips, Diamond Rings, Jewelry Rings, Designer Jewelry, Jewelry Material ...


Vancouver  Washington  USA  

Vancouver Washington USA

Jewelry Tools, Jewelry Findings, Gemstones, Metals, Fretz, Durston, Badeco, Glendo Grs, Sterling Silver Chains, John Frei Custom Workbench, Jewelry Industry, Jewelry Material ...


Oakland  California  USA  

Oakland California USA

Precious Stones Cuttery Beads Gemstones Coloured Gemstones, Semi Precious Stones, Jewelry Material ...




Bracelets, Bridal Jewellry, Colored Gemstones, Jewelry, Diamond Jewelry, Loose Diamonds, Jewelry Industry, Jewelry Material ...


New Orleans  Louisiana  USA  

New Orleans Louisiana USA

Jewels, Jewelry, Gems, Stones, Gemstones, Ruby, Rubies, Sapphire, Sapphires, Diamond, Diamonds, Pearl, Pearls, Emerald, Emeralds, Platinum, Pave, Pave Diamonds, Antique Jewelry, Yellow Diamond, Pink Diamon, Jewelry Items, Fashion Jewelry, Jewelry Material ...


New York City  New York  USA  

New York City New York USA
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