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Special steel castings, ferritic, Spheroidal graphite cast iron, high alloy, Steel castings, cold tough, Steel castings, for flame and induction hardening, Steel castings, heat resistant, Steel castings, low alloy, Steel castings, Metal Castings ...




Industrial Furnaces Melting Furnace Metalworking Machines Cruz Martins and Wahl Cmw Portuguese Foundry Group Founded 1981 Divided Production Units Cast Materials Such High Chrome White Iron Manganese Steel Stainless Temperature Resistant Carbon Low Alloy Duplex Super Nickel Alloys Castings Kg Up Tons Full Machined Facilities Green Resin Bonded Sand Moulding Lines Automatic Semi 4000X2000Mm Hand Induction Patterns Build Well Finishing Quality Control Devices Certified According Iso9001 2008 Dnv Gl Abs Looking Commercial Agents ...




Continuous Induction Hardening and Tempering Machi, Induction Generator, High Frequeny(50 100Khz), Ultra Frequency(8 30Khz), Medium Frequency(0.5 10Khz), Induction Forging, Hfp Series, Ssf Series, Mfp Series, Induction Hardening, Hgp Series, Ssf Series, Mfp Series, Induction Brazing, Induction Pipe Bending, Induction Melting, Gold, Iron Ore Fine, Aluminum, Pipe & Tube Induction Heating, Pipe Bending, Water Cooling System ...


Chengdu  Sichuan  China  

Chengdu Sichuan China

Gear Boxes, Pipe Mill Plants, Industrial Gear Boxes, Continues Mill Stand, Pipe Mills, Helical Gear Boxes, Finished Steel, Universal Joint Couplings, Material Handling Tong, Industrial Repeaters, V Belt Pulley Type Flywheels, S.G. Iron Rolls, Ci Coupling, Twisting Machine, Induction Arc Furnace, Tension Leveling Lines, Tmt Quenching Box, Adaptable Worm Gear Boxes, Gear Coupling Heavy Duty, Industrial Spindle, Fiber Bearing Choke, Sliding Mill Stand, Tail Breaker, Gear Coupling Medium, Bearing Choke, Pulleys ...


Mandi Gobindgarh  Punjab  India  

Mandi Gobindgarh Punjab India

Stainless Steel Cookware, Kitchen, Cooking and Frying Dishes, Copper, Cast Iron and Aluminium Cookware, Kitchen, Cooking and Frying Dishes, Professional Cookware, Induction Cookware, Gastronorm All Materials, Table Food Presentation, Copper Cookware, Al Black, the Non Stick Dishwasher Safe Cookware, Induction Cookware, Old Fashion 1932 and Cast Iron Table Presentation, Gastronorm Full Compatible In All Materials, Copper and Copper 3 for Induction, Houseware ...


  Bergamo   Italy  

 Bergamo  Italy

Copper, Cast Iron and Aluminium Cookware, Kitchen, Cooking and Frying Dishes, Non Stick Cookware, Kitchen, Cooking and Frying Dishes, Woks, Kitchen, Cooking and Frying Dishes, Frypan, Wok, Induction, Non Stick, Cookware, Opera Prima, Primitiva, Palladium Terrae, Pietra Viva, Dura Induction, Houseware, Cookware ...


  Bellocchi Di Fano   Italy  

 Bellocchi Di Fano  Italy

Induction Heating Furnace, If Melting Equipment, If Melting Furnace for Stainless Steel, If Melting Furnace for Iron, If Melting Furnace for Copper, If Melting Furnace for Aluminium, If Furnace Spares Part, Igbt Induction Melting Equipment, Cooling Equipment, Industrial Furnaces, Heating Furnace ...

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Foshan  Guangdong  China  

Foshan Guangdong China
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