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Portable Machining; Field Mechanical Services; Large-Scale Job-Shop Machining; Benders; Compressed Air; Inspection Services; Locomotives; Machining; Maintenance and Repair Services; Welding Services; Key provider of portable machining; field mechanical services; and large-scale job-shop machining; Cast iron repair services. Metal stitching and locomotive engine repair services are available ...


Buffalo  New York  USA  

Buffalo New York USA

Metal Castings, Columbia Grinding, Flatwork Specialists, Precision Grinding Services Surface Grinding Blanchard Lapping Double Sided Lapping Double Disc Grinding Flat Honing Fine Grinding Deburring Part Grinding Part Washing Parallel Flat Disc Part Packaging Polishing Tumble Deburring; Stainless Steel Powdered Metal Concave Convex Surface Arter Flatness Inspection Parallelism Grinders Production Grinding Steel Metal Cast Iron Bronze Aluminum Brass Castings Alloy Tool Steel Plastic Metal Finish Rough High Volume Small ...


Oak Creek  Wisconsin  USA  

Oak Creek Wisconsin USA

Metal Castings, Advanced Metals Group, Aluminum Castings, Iron Castings, Castings, Foundries, Foundry, Casting; Casting Services; Cleaning Services; Coating Services; Drafting Services; Engineering Services; Fabrication Services; Finishing Services; Impregnating Services; Inspection Services; Machining; Molds; Painting Services; Rapid Tooling Services; Testing Services; Treatment Services; Welding Services ...


Elkhart  Indiana  USA  

Elkhart Indiana USA

Reliable and Affordable Passivation, Oxygen Cleaning or Electropolishing Services Celco has been Setting the World Standard Since 1986. electropolishing services. Capabilities include inspection & removing of microscopic burrs, oxides, impurities & iron from surface of component. Applications include semi-conductor, filter housings, food/beverage, medical, pharmaceutical, pipe & piping, springs, stampings & vacuum components ...


Anthony  Kansas  USA  

Anthony Kansas USA
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