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Associations; the official website of the American Iron and Steel Institute featuring steel information for consumers, engineers; professionals ...


District Of Columbia  District of Columbia  USA  

District Of Columbia District of Columbia USA

Industrial, Castings, Cast Iron, Wire, stainless heat resisting steel is stable, performance is fine and also durable. We are one of leading special steel maunfacturers in China with two decades of stainless heating resisting steel experiences. Shanghai Material Research Institute provides advanced techniques and make production standards, which can meet China standards and also produce according to customers requirements and international ...


Xinghua  Jiangsu  China  

Xinghua Jiangsu China

The Steel Market Development Institute, a Business Unit of the American Iron and Steel Institute Serves as the Voice of the North American Steel Industry, and is Committed to the Principles of Sustainability while Supporting the Development of Innovative Products that Meet Society's Needs. Advances in Steelmaking Processes have Allowed the Industry to make Significant Reductions in Energy use and Co2 Emissions Per Ton of Steel Shipped Since 1990. Steel Continues to be the most Recycled Material in, Heating and Refrigeration ...


Pittsburgh  Pennsylvania  USA  

Pittsburgh Pennsylvania USA

Dental Equipment, Refractory for Ceramic & Electric Porcelain Industry, Refractories for Iron Making Industry, Refractories for Aluminum Electrolysis Cell, Refractory for Petrochemical & Coal Chemical, Refractories for Steel Making, High Temperature Testing Apparatus and Instruments, Refractories for Power Boiler, Refractories for Glass, Product Testing ...


Luoyang  Henan  China  

Luoyang Henan China


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