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Industrial, Laboratory Equipment, Mixed Materials, Welding Equipment, Worbo is your premier global source for high temperature protection and insulation products for hoses, cables, pipes and equipment. From providing burn protection and energy saving insulation solutions in clean room labs, to reducing down time in severe molten splash steel mill applications, our stock and custom fabricated products will meet the challenges of your high, Welding Machine, Welding Equipment ...


Peterborough  Ontario  Canada  

Peterborough Ontario Canada

Odm, Indicator, Mineral, Laboratory, Averill, Gold, Kimberlite, Base Metal, Porphyry; Logging Services; Project Management Services; Training Services; Provide services include sediment sampling surveys, mineral concentrating laboratory, indicator mineralogy, mineral separation, data authentication and forensic investigations. Capabilities include project design, budgeting, field layout and site preparation, drill supervision, sample collection and reporting, recovery of fine gold grains and identifying ...


Ottawa  Ontario  Canada  

Ottawa Ontario Canada

Purifiers Purifier Rsi Hydrogen Pd-Alloy Palladium Ultrapure Catalytic Catalyst Molecular Sieve Permeation Diffusion Resource Systems Ppm Ppt Deuterium Tritium Industrial Laboratory Oxygen Nitrogen Isotope, Hydrogen Purifiers Ultrapure Palladium Alloy Palladium Silver Purification Permeation Recombiner Recombination Catalytic Gas Purifiers Molecular Sieve Dryers Tritium Deuterium Hydrogen Isotopes Membranes Nitrogen Oxygen Argon Helium Resource Systems Rsi; Palladium-Alloy Hydrogen Purification Systems ...


Markham  Ontario  Canada  

Markham Ontario Canada

Forensic, Forensics, Crime Scene Reconstruction.Crime Scene, Crime, Gunshot, Gun Shot, Testing Lab, Test Lab, Testing Laboratory, Material Testing, Bryan Burnett, Br Burnett, Meixa Tech, Meixatech, Forensic Science Consultants Group, Southern California, San Diego, Pneumoconiosis, Lungs, Asbestos, Testing, Silica, Toxic Metals, Gsr, Gunshot Residue, Scanning Electron Microscopy, Sem, Energy Dispersive X-Ray Analysis, Eds, Edx, Sem/Eds, Sem/Edx, Crime Scene Analysis, Gunshot Forensics, Industrial ...


Mississauga  Ontario  Canada  

Mississauga Ontario Canada

Environmental Equipment, Customer Satisfaction with Custom Stainless Steel Fabrications, Custom Steel Fabrications, Custom Aluminum Fabrications, Custom Metal Fabrications and Industrial Metal Products; Bases; Cabinets; Environmental Equipment; Fabrication Services; Furniture; Laboratory Equipment; Pallets; Stands; Tooling; Trolleys; Trucks and Carts ...


Tecumseh  Ontario  Canada  

Tecumseh Ontario Canada

Engineering Services; Testing Services; Cambridge Materials Testing Lab offers material testing services and raw materials testing in Canada ...


Cambridge  Ontario  Canada  

Cambridge Ontario Canada

Extrusion Silmulation; Profile Die Optimization; Flat Die Optimization; Coextrusion Simulation; Co Extrusion Simulation; Extruder Simulation; Single Screw Simulation; Falt Die; Flat Die Optimization; Side Fed Die; Cross Head; Spiral Die; Spiral Die Optimization; Polymer Flow Optimization; Extrusion Optimization, Compuplast Virtual Extrusion Laboratory Vel is the World Leading Cae Product for the Polymer Extrusion Industry. Vel Will Give Users the Ability to Experiment on Their Process Without the Risk, Compressor Parts ...


Mississagua  Ontario  Canada  

Mississagua Ontario Canada

Engineering Services; Sarafinchin Associates is a group of specialist geoengineering consultants providing integrated earth engineering and environmental sciences, geological and geotechnical engineering, geoenvironmental engineering and hydrogeology, construction quality assurance, mining and certified laboratory testing within Canada and worldwide ...


Etobicoke  Ontario  Canada  

Etobicoke Ontario Canada

Integration Tools & Interoperability - Systems Integration & HIE; Electronic Data Interchange - EDI; EMPI; Health Information Exchange Solutions; IHE Adaptors; Interface Development & Management; Record Locator Services; Systems Integrators; Integration Tools & Interoperability - Systems Integration & HIE. Consulting; Integration & Interoperability; Privacy & Security. Ambulatory; Ambulatory Laboratory; Ambulatory Pharmacy; Ambulatory Radiology; Community Health Organization Systems; Surgical Center ...


Mississauga  Ontario  Canada  

Mississauga Ontario Canada

Liebert Air Conditioner Repair Service Toronto Ontario, Mitsubishi Air Conditioner Repair Service Toronto Ontario, Laboratory Equipment Repair and Service, Toronto On, We Service Ult's, Ultra Low Temperature Freezer Repair Toronto Ontario, Pharmacy Refrigerator Toronto Ontario, Laboratory Refrigerators Toronto Ontario, Blood Bank Refrigerators Toronto Ontario, Air Conditioning Repair Toronto Ontario, Sanyo Vip, 80 Freezers Toronto Ontario, 86 Freezer Toronto Ontario, 40 Freezers Toronto Ontario, 20, Refrigerators, Air Conditioning ...


Schomberg  Ontario  Canada  

Schomberg Ontario Canada

Surgical Light Source Reverse Osmosis Plants Filters Building Equipment Hvac Kitchen Appliances Water Treatment Lamp Parts Exton Industries Allied Technologies Winokur Systems Point Use Reagent Grade Laboratory Deionized Di Replacement Cartridges Millipore Milliq Barnstead Distilled Units Ro Uv Sterilizers Purification Lamps Heaters Ultra Pure Sub Micron Filter Whatman Nuclepore Biomedical National Committee Clinical Standards Nccls College American Pathologists and Electronics Society Testing Materials Astm Semi Specificed Purified Chlorine ...


Mississauga  Ontario  Canada  

Mississauga Ontario Canada

Demineralisation Plant, Cartridges; Cleaning Equipment; Deionizers; Dialyzers; Disinfectants; Feeders and Feed Systems; Filters; Hospital Equipment; Laboratory Equipment; Lights; Medical Equipment; Membranes; Monitoring Systems; Monitors; Patient Care Products; Personal Care Products; Purifiers; Sensors, Detectors, Transducers; Softeners; Storage Equipment; Tanks; Treatment Equipment; Vessels ...


Mississauga  Ontario  Canada  

Mississauga Ontario Canada

Testing, Certification & Credentialing; Safety; Education & Training; Ergonomics; Regulatory Compliance; Consulting; Laboratory Health & Safety; Environmental Protection & Monitoring; Ohs Management Systems, Auditing & Compliance ...


Toronto  Ontario  Canada  

Toronto Ontario Canada

Acid Purification; Filters & Filtration Equipment; Testing Equipment; Anodizing Processes; Waste Treatment & Water Treatment Equipment; Laboratory Equipment; Meters, Monitors & Controllers; Air Pollution & Ventilation Equipment; Automated Plating & Processing Systems; Water Pollution Control Equipment, Product Testing, Environmental Equipment, Water Treatment, Waste Management ...


Oakville  Ontario  Canada  

Oakville Ontario Canada

360 Medical, Medical, Pharmacy and Vaccine Refrigerators, Freezers in Canada, Medical, Products, Refrigerators, Blood, Pharmacy, Freezers, Equipment, Bank, Haier, Biological, 360 Medical Medical, Pharmacy and Vaccine Refrigerators, Freezers in Canada Offers a Wide Range of Medical and Laboratory Products for Use in Blood Banks, Hospitals, Epidemic Prevention Service, and Soon in Cryogenic Facilities, Refrigerators ...


Schomberg  Ontario  Canada  

Schomberg Ontario Canada

Hardware Fasteners, Industrial Air Coolers, Metallurgical Technologies, MTi is a metallurgical engineering service laboratory specializing in forensic failure analysis of metallurgical components; Testing Services; Analytical Services; Research, Design and Development Services; Engineering Services; Metallurgists; Microscopy Services; Aluminum; Analyzers; Anodizing Services; Boilers; Bolts; Brass; Carbide; Casting Services; Certification Services; Chains; Chemicals; Chemists; Coatings; Condensers (Heat Transfer); Consulting Services; Copper


Mississauga  Ontario  Canada  

Mississauga Ontario Canada
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