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Common Dates, Organic dates, chopped dates, date paste, date syrup; Dattes Tunisie, Dattes Branchees Tunisie, Dattes Bio Tunisie, Deglet Nour Tunisie, Dattes Tunisiennes; Horchani Dattes, premier cultivateur exportateur privE de dattes en Tunisie. Dattes biologiques, dattes branchEes, dattes en vrac, dattes conditionnEes, dattes DEnoyautEes. Deglet Nour, Alig, Khouat Alig, Kenta, Fancy Foods, Food Industry ...


  Tunis  Tunisia  

 Tunis Tunisia

Moroccan Argan Oil, Organic Argan Oil, Spa, Hammam Products, Wellness, Argan Hair Care, Skin Care; Argan Oil Beauty Products for Professionals, Retail and Bulk ...


  Marrakesh  Morocco  

 Marrakesh Morocco

Halal; Bread & Biscuits; Lifestyle; Organic & Natural; Gluten Free; Gluten Free; Baked Goods; Crackers ...


  Gauteng  South Africa  

 Gauteng South Africa

Sekem Herbal; Sekem Legumes; Sekem Oils; Sekem Products; Isis Organic; Sekem Produces Food that is Wholesome, Nutritious and Delicious, from Carefully Selected Raw Materials that are Free of any Artificial Additives or Preservatives. the Foodstuff Processed and Packed by Isis Includes Organically Grown Vegetables, Honey, Dates, Spices, Herbs, Edible Oils, and Beverages such as Herbal Tea and Juice; (), Grocery Foods, Food Industry ...




Our olive groves of sight, in our fertile soil and full of sun, was born olive oil Oliopera Our olives from olive groves cultivated in organic farming, are picked and pressed in time oppurtun quickly after harvest. This provides a tasty olive oil with fruity notes. Our beautiful olive oil became the queen of the tables by the richness of its flavors and the nobility of its flavors; Brands: Oliopera ...


  Bouhajla  Tunisia  

 Bouhajla Tunisia

Dry Goods; Cereals, Grains, Pasta, Pulses, Rice; Dry Goods; Fats & Oils; Speciality; Organic Products; Dry Goods; Delicatessen, Sauces & Seasonings; Speciality; Halal Products; Beverages Hot; Herbal Tea; Dry Goods; Dried Fruit & Vegetables ...




Beverages Hot; Fruit Tea; Speciality; Special Diet Products; Beverages Hot; Beverages Hot; Instant Hot Beverages; Speciality; Organic Products; Beverages Hot; Coffee; Speciality; Ready Meals; Beverages Soft Drinks; Beverages Soft Drinks; Carbonated Soft Drinkss; Beverages Hot; Black Tea ...


    South Africa  

  South Africa

Food Confectionery Dates; Fruits; Vegetables; Dried Food; Fresh Food; Halal Products; Organic Products ...




We are a Producer of Botanicals, Spices, Herbal Teas, Almonds, Essential Oils, Vegetal Oils and Herbs Extracts Mediterranean Origin. We have a High Capacity Processing Lines and are Brc Certified. We Produce Organic Products, Steam Sterilized Herbs and Spices, Blanched Almonds Sweet. Our Farming Subsidiary Consist of 930 Acres Growing Herbs Under Pesticides Control and our Solvent Extraction Unit Produces High Quality Botanicals Extracts, Beauty Products ...


  Casablanca  Morocco  

 Casablanca Morocco

Kanzari Olive Oil; Founded in 1988 and Headquartered in Tunisia, Sodepa is a Family Owned Business Specialized in the Production and the Development of Agricultural Products. In Addition to Fruit Growing and Grains Farming, Sodepa Produces Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Milled from the 320 Hectares of Kanzari Estate. the Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Labeled Under the Brand “Kanzari” is Exclusively Produced from Kanzari Estate. from the Start, we made a Commitment to use only 100% Tunisian Olive, Grocery Foods, Food Industry ...




Organic Culinary Argan Oil, Certified Organic Argan Oil Cosmetic, Certified Organic Culinary Argan Oil, Certified Organic Prickly Pear Seed Oil ...


  Agadir  Morocco  

 Agadir Morocco

Certified Organic Shea Butter Vitellaria Nilotica ...


  Kampala  Uganda  

 Kampala Uganda

AGROMED is a Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, combining the sophistication of our image and packaging, with the genuineness and uniqueness of the best olive oil produced in Tunisia. Brands: ORIVIERA ORGANIC; Le Soleil De Carthage; AGROMED, Grocery Foods, Food Industry ...


  Zaghouan  Tunisia  

 Zaghouan Tunisia

Amazon Sellers of Organic Natural Argan Oil, Pure USDA Organic Deodorized Argan Oil, Bulk Size Drum of 5 Liters / 169.07 Fl Oz for Hair and Skin, Extra Virgin Organic Moroccan Cosmetic Argan Oil ...


  Marrakech  Morocco  

 Marrakech Morocco

Dairy Free; Organic & Natural; Dried Fruit; Kosher; Nut Free; Gluten Free; Usda; Vegetables & Fruit; Lifestyle ...




Limestone, Solvents, Paint, Organic Salt, Talc, Plastic Products, Filler, Rock Phosphate, Salt, Silica, Calcium Carbonate ...


  Nasr City  Egypt  

 Nasr City Egypt

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