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Frozen; Foodservice; Organic & Natural; Cheese; Food Services; Lifestyle; Lactose Free; Private Label; Gluten Free; Frozen; Dairy & Eggs ...


  Libercourt  France  

 Libercourt France

Frozen Baked Goods; Frozen Desserts; Foodservice; Private Label; Lifestyle; Kosher; Gluten Free; Organic & Natural; Full Selection of Crepes, Galettes, Blinis and Pancakes, Fancy Foods, Food Industry ...


  Locoal Mendon  France  

 Locoal Mendon France

Foodservice; Gluten Free; Meat & Game & Pâté; Food Services; Vegetarian; Halal; Lifestyle; Frozen; Meat & Game & Pâté; Frozen ...


  Saint Lo  France  

 Saint Lo France

Délifrance has been developing bakery solutions for foodservice providers, retailers and bakers for over 30 years. Using our heritage, artisan techniques, baking tradition and our exacting standards of taste and quality, we are producing and selling a little bit of France around the world, always remembering to adapt it to every different country, culture and customer. We have developed a unique international, Grocery Foods, Food Industry ...




Laïta is a dairy cooperative located in France committed to fulfilling the needs of the retail, foodservice and industry sectors. Thanks to its advanced know how Laïta transforms 1, 5 bilion liters of milk every year into a wide variety of dairy products sold in more than 110 countries. Our ranges: milks, butters, creams, cheeses and crepes ...




Full Line; Lifestyle; Organic & Natural; Usda; Pasta & Dry; Food Services; Fair Trade; Grain, Cereal & Pasta; Foodservice; Vegetarian; Grain, Cereal & Pasta ...


  Chambery  France  

 Chambery France

VALADE GROUP: THE FRUIT SPECIALIST is introducing a comprehensive range of premium processed fruit products, whether it is compotes, preserves, purées, fine ingredients, specifically adapted for foodservice and pastry professionals, composed of the brands: Valade, Léonce Blanc. With our brand Léonce Blanc we offer a full range of preserves and pastry ingredients, Grocery Foods, Food Industry ...




Condiments; Full Line; Private Label; Vinegar; Full Line; Vegetarian; Mustards; Food Services; Lifestyle; Condiments; Foodservice; Oils; Full Line, Grocery Foods, Food Industry ...


  Merey Sous Montrond  France  

 Merey Sous Montrond France
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